Seaway Express tops the Canadian Transportation & Logistics Magazine’s Shipper’s Choice Awards

The results are in for this year’s national transportation survey – The Shipper’s Choice Awards. Seaway Express did exceptionally well in the LTL category, ranking 1st place overall, based on customer surveys. We took the top spot in the following 5 of the 8 categories:

  • On-time performance
  • Quality of equipment and operations
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customer service
  • Sustainable transportation practices


Putting on Muscle

There were more than 3.700 evaluations cast by Canadian shippers for the LTL category.  Customer service is considered highly important for shippers purchasing LTL transportation, ranking just behind on-time performance and competitive pricing.  In fact, the customer service expectations for LTL are the second highest among all the modes in the survey but LTL carriers appear to be delivering on that score – the LTL mode receives the second highest customer service ratings of all the modes.

The buyers of transporation responding to our survey were quite satisfied with the competitive pricing performance of their LTL carriers, ranking this mode’s performance on that KPI better than any other mode other than TL trucking.  However, satisfaction with pricing is likely to comer under considerable pressure as the LTL sector pulls back into balanced capacity, which can only cause upward pressure on pricing. Our research shows that 42% of shippers expect to boost their use of LTL services this year while one in five expect this mode to hold the greatest pricing power in 2015.

Thirteen carriers surpassed our Benchmark of Excellence this year, a drop from the 18 who did last year.

LTL winners and their scores for each of our eight KPIs are shown in the table below.  The bottom row of the table shows this mode’s Benchmark of Excellence for each KPI.  The total Benchmark of Excellence is indicated on the top right. The winners are shown in alphabetical order and only those scoring above the total Benchmark of Excellence are included.