Cornwall Goes To New Orleans

Bob Gauthier from Seaway Express is a staunch Cornwall booster. So much so that he had one of his sparkling white 53 foot trailers emblazoned with a huge Cornwall logo. The imaginative initiative was done in partnership with Cornwall Economic Development and the City's award winning Team Cornwall.

The Seaway Express trailer recently made one of its more memorable journeys - to New Orleans and Cornwall, true to its generous form, was on board, figuratively if not literally. Gauthier was joined by principal corporate sponsor, J.C. Custom Homes along with partners Variety 104, MiniMax Express, Remax Cornwall and fuel sponsors, MacEwen Petroleum, Mini Tankers, and Guindon Esso.

The huge trailer was parked at Maynard's Independent Grocers and the entire community flocked to donate suitable, non-perishable items that the Katrina survivors desperately need. The trailer, which was filled in less than 24 hours with almost $100,000 of goods, left for New Orleans with Cornwall transport driver, Kevin Kitchener at the wheel. This was Kitchener's second such trip and he did both as a volunteer.

The City of Cornwall is well known as a community ready to help whenever needed. It consistently tops its United Appeal goal, its renowned Children's Treatment Centre is entirely community funded, and during a blinding snow storm some year's ago, it opened its doors to stranded travelers. This is yet one more example of how Cornwallites take care of others, at home and away.

The Seaway Express truck, cargo on board delivered its cargo directly to the State Donation Centre in Jackson, Mississippi.