Travelling Billbard

By Candy Pollard

Cornwall and Seaway Valley Tourism is already looking ahead to the 2001 Tourism Season! Just today the tourism office unveiled a "travelling billboard". In actual fact it is a mural applied to the side of a 53 foot tractor trailer owned by Seaway Express of Cornwall.

This project has been 18 months in the making, but has been well worth the wait. Depicting many of the different activities throughout Cornwall and the Seaway Valley, the mural is colourful and eye catching. The photos included in the mural show the beautiful campsites and waterfront, the St. Lawrence Recreational Path, golfing, boating historical sites such as Upper Canada Village and Prehistoric World Dinosaur Park - both of which won prestigious tourism awards earlier this year.

The work for the mural was developed by the graphic artists of Astro Printing of Cornwall, while the Sign Factory of Cornwall completed the application to the actual trailer.

The trailer is owned by Seaway Express of Cornwall who ship in and out of the greater Montreal region and throughout Eastern Ontario - so - you may see the mural in your travels in these regions. If you do, be sure to enter our contest. Let us know when and where you have seen our travelling mural - early next spring we will draw a winner from the list of "sightings" based on the furthest location and the furthest hometown of our entries. Give us a call on our toll free line at 1-800-937-4748 or e-mail us at

Happy sightings!!